Quarter Finals Have Arrived! Java 25th - "Best of the JDK" Face-Off

Sharat Chander

JCs and JUG leaders,

We've finally reached the Quarter Finals (Round 3) of the "Best of the JDK" feature face-off!

We've had over 9500 votes in the early rounds combined. Thank you to all who participated! Looking forward to you casting votes in Round 3, as well as helping to amplify this further (please re-tweet[1])! Let's see if we can generate a high voting turnout...can we reach 4000 votes? More? :-)

[1] https://twitter.com/java/status/1277624925075865600?s=20

The Quarter Final match-ups are:
  • Language Bracket: Default Methods vs Records
  • Libraries Bracket: HTTP/2 Client vs Convenience Factory Methods
  • Tooling Bracket: JDK Mission Control vs jshell
  • Runtime Bracket: Graal JIT vs Helpful NullPointerException

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