Re: Any advice on doing virtual meetups?

Matt Raible


We’ve been hosting virtual meetups at the Denver JUG since April 2020. We get around 50 viewers on our YouTube live stream, even for famous folks. We used to get up to 200 for famous folks at our in-person meetups. You can see some of the sessions we’ve hosted on our YouTube channel:

We use StreamYard to stream live to YouTube.

My company, Okta, is a sponsor of the JUG, so we use their StreamYard subscription to get rid of the ads.

We typically do a “tech check” a day or two before the meetup to make sure the presenter has a working microphone, good lighting, and a decent webcam. We’ve recently had some issues with screens that are two small to read, so we’ve started requiring presenters to bump their monitor resolution to 1920 x 1080 to match the YouTube recording.

Hope this helps!


On Oct 5, 2020, at 5:56 AM, Ondrej Mihályi <ondrej.mihalyi@...> wrote:

Hi, I hope you're all doing well!

In our JUG in Prague we're now thinking about doing virtual meetups. I hope some of you who already organize virtual meetups would like to share some experience and advice.

How do you do virtual meetups? Are people interested, do enough people attend them or at least watch the recordings? Do you have live presenters or prerecorded sessions? Which software do you use for conferencing? Anything would help us to decide whether it's worth it in our area and get us started it we decide it is.

I know that Eclipse Foundation offered to use their Crowdcast subscription for virtual meetups: Does anybody have experience with it? Or do you use something else that works for you?


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