Microsoft's First Java Conference (JDConf) - 27-29 October (half days, pop in and out however you wish!)

Martijn Verburg

Hi all,

As some of you may recall, jClarity was acquired last year by Microsoft, launching their Java Engineering Group and causing the Diabolical Developer to officially eat his hat!

Note to self: "Never in your foolish youth claim that you'll never work for company X"

As part of ramping up Java at Microsoft, we thought Microsoft had better host its own Java focused conference, and so here we are!

Join Venkat, Trisha, Angie, and a host of your other favorite Java speakers, details all in the website below:

PS You'll get some behind the scenes insight as to what MSFT is working on with Java, we think you'll like it :-).


Please do pass this on to your members, we promise there's no hidden J++ or J# going on here!


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