We've opened CfP for JJUG CCC 2022 Spring!


Hi there!

I'm Maaya from JJUG(Japan JUG).

JJUG is happy to announce that the JJUG CCC (Japan Java User Group Cross Community Conference) 2021 Fall will be held on Nov 21. https://fortee.jp/jjug-ccc-2021-fall/

It will be held online by video and live streaming. If your proposal is approved, You need to submit the session video recorded beforehand.

Our CfP is open for submissions until the end of day on Aug 29(JST). You can submit CfP in English.Please submit your proposal below. https://fortee.jp/jjug-ccc-2021-fall/speaker/proposal/cfp

Looking forward to it — and if you have any issue like language or anything else to submit your proposal, please feel free to contact us via email(jjug.ccc@...) or Twitter(Mention or DM to @JJUG)

Regards, Maaya@JJUG

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