CodeLaunch is coming to Houston! Interested in participating?

Jim Bethancourt

Hello fellow JUG leaders!
Improving, the consulting company I work for, is putting together the inaugural Houston CodeLaunch event taking place on March 30th at the Bayou Center in Downtown Houston.  We're looking for great ideas, sponsors, and great developers to help startups have a great chance at succeeding.  I'd greatly appreciate it if you could help get the word out.

What is CodeLaunch?
It's a seed accelerator and 24 hour competition (12 hours over one weekend day and the following Monday) where 5 or 6 development teams code up very promising business ideas that have been vetted through several rounds of judging.  The audience in attendance will decide the ultimate winner at the CodeLaunch event the Wednesday after the coding takes place.  The finalists keep the code that is developed, and the winner walks away with $35,000 and a lot of free in-kind services, with NO EQUITY SURRENDERED.

Interested in submitting your business idea?
If you're interested in submitting an idea, it doesn't take much - you need 1) a pitch deck and 2) UI wireframe mockups. That's it!
If you're not from Houston and you're a finalist, we'll even put you up in a hotel and feed you!  You'll still need to get here, but that's all we ask.

If you're interested in submitting an entry, go to  Submissions are due by midnight on January 22nd (about 15 days left!).

Interested in sponsoring?
There are various levels of sponsorship - we're seeking both in-kind sponsors and companies who would be interested in helping sponsor the event itself.

We also have community sponsor opportunities that require no cash or in-kind donations, but would be happy to help get the word out about CodeLaunch and will have exhibit space made available at no charge.  

If your company is interested or you know someone who would be interested, please email me at jim.bethancourt@... and I'd be happy to respond / meet with you and fill you in on the details.

Why do all this?
Improving puts together CodeLaunch events to help grow and uplift the business and developer communities in the areas where we operate and have fun while we do it.

Want to learn more? Check out the following links:

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