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Take care Tushar, hope you'll recover well from it.

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Hi Tushar,

Please get well soon. We will be waiting for you. Take care of yourself.

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Please take care and I am happy to help however I can. Just reach out.

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Hello Leaders,

I managed the events and management of JUG Nagpur since 2008.  Currently I have been diagnosed with FNHL, a type of blood cancer and hence will need a long treatment which makes me unavailable for public appearances for almost next 12 months.  To keep the JUG running smoothly I am passing the responsibility of the JUG leader to one of our active members of JUG Nagpur - Atul Palandurkar.

He will be applying for membership of this mailing list and will need your help to get started and keep the JUG Nagpur running here onward.
Thanks for all your support all these years and all the best for Atul to take the charge over.

with regards

Tushar Joshi, Nagpur:


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