Re: How a JUG Leader can become a Java Champion?

David Gomez Garcia

Hi Cesar, 

there is also a good discussion recorded at JCrete last year in which the details of the program are explained. 

The discussion was lead by Stephen Chin and many other Java Champions present in the room.

Hope it  helps to make things clearer.


2017-06-26 17:05 GMT+02:00 Cesar A. Nogueira <cesarnogueira1210@...>:

I've found some deeper explanation on how to become a Java Champion at:

"Nominees are named and selected through a peer review process. (Note that current Oracle employees are not eligible.) If you know someone who is a candidate based on the guidelines above, 
send us an email with the following information:


  1. Their name
  2. Their email address
  3. Their profile: Engineer/Architect, Author, Professor/Instructor, Consultant, Trainer, Other
  4. Name and email address of nominee's Java Champion sponsor
  5. Reasons for nomination.  Should include examples of work that reflect the profile of a Java Champion. Please include all relevant URLs.
The candidate's contributions to the Java community must be available to its members either online or in readily available print media. (Proprietary or government classified projects, while innovative, are not available to the general public.) Nomination MUST cite specific examples (URLs, book names, presentations, etc) of the candidate's direct contributions in order for them to be considered by the selection committee."

- Can a JUG Leader auto-submit his process to try to become a Java Champion?

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