TDC CFP Ends This Week


Hello folks,

The Call for Papers for TDC 2021 Future International has been extended for just one week. It ends this Friday. This is the absolute last chance to submit your talk:

Some of you may know TDC as the largest Java focused developer conference in Latin America/Brazil. Note, this version is internationally focused and will have significantly expanded content focused on English along the lines of (former) JavaOne, etc.

I am honored to help put together the newly minted Diversity and Accessibility track. To my knowledge, this is one of the rare cases where a global scale Java centric conference has had a dedicated track on diversity/inclusion. Diversity/inclusion is one of the defining issues of the time. Yet as some of you may agree, while there are many people that talk about diversity/inclusion, the intersection between diversity/inclusion and technology seems to be sadly very thin. That's why your help in advancing the track in particular would be very much appreciated. It is helpful if you can suggest other people I should reach out to even if you don't have a diversity/inclusion topic to submit currently. I will be very happy to do so.

Kindly consider helping spread word and aid in advancing a deserving endeavor:

Philly JUG and TDC

P.S.: If someone can kindly forward this message or something similar to the Java Champions mailing list, that would be very helpful.