CodeMash 2022 Call for Papers

Central Ohio Java User Group (COJUG)

JUG Leaders


CodeMash 2022’s call for speakers is open until August 31 at 11:59pm EST. Please submit your abstracts and bios at for this amazing tech conference that hosts 2,500 attendees (pre-COVID at least) at the Kalahari water park January 11-14 2022 in Sandusky Ohio. Come on. What else are you going to do in January?

Tracks include Programming Principles, Security, Design (UI/UX), Hardware/IoT, Teams/Leadership/The Future of Work, Data (big/small/otherwise), Software Quality, Web/Front-End, Architecture, DevOps and Mobile.

A word of advice when crafting your abstract, because the conference is a multi discipline polyglot conference, if it is applicable to a broader audience it will likely have a better chance. For example, instead of Making Java More Functional using Java 11’s Local-Variable Syntax for Lambda Parameters maybe try Making Modern Languages More Functional and then use Java 11 functional features as examples and a case study in the details of the presentation.


COVID questions can be answered at