Houston JUG meeting September 28th: 💪Software Developer Workout 💪

Jim Bethancourt

Hi fellow JUG leaders!
Please feel free to pass along this month's meeting invite to your members - they are more than welcome to attend. 

You have to modify someone else's code, but you don't even know where to start. Imagine joining a pickup basketball game after playing HORSE a few times at home. It's crazy! No, you need to get in shape! But how do you exercise for computer work? We'll discuss a few good habits and some great workout routines to get you ripped (tech-wise)! Let's do this thing!

Bring your laptop and come ready to pump some bits!!

About the speaker:

Scott Wierschem helps Java developers get their unruly code under control so they can work on fun and rewarding projects.

RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/software-developer-workout-tickets-415712907497 so I'll know how much pizza to order.  This is both an in-person and virtual meeting, but it would be great if you can attend in person.

Thank you to our sponsors!
Thank you to Improving for hosting the meeting and thank you to our door prize sponsors for providing great door prizes!

AgileLearner.com - 1 year subscription
Hello2Morrow.com - 1 year SonarGraph license
JetBrains.com - 1 year IntelliJ Ultimate license
Structure101.com - 1 year Structure 101 IDE plugin license
Webucator.com - voucher for one online self-paced course

See you there!