Java 16 Is Now Available! Twitch Stream at 1800 UTC Today!

Sharat Chander

JUG Leaders,

Java 16 is now live!

Don't miss out on a live Twitch stream for the "Java 16 Release Party" being hosted by the very talented Nicolai Parlog, one of the newest Java Developer Relations team members.

Twitch Live (starts at 11:00am PDT):
  • 1800 UTC (11:00am PDT) | Start
  • 1815 | #Java16 features
  • 1900 | Stuart Marks covering Streams and Collections
  • 2000 | Chris Hegarty covering Serialization and Records
  • 2100 | Java AMA
Feel free to share these other Java 16 posts with your JUG members:
Our best,
Java Developer Relations Team
(Chad Arimura, Billy Korando, Nicolai Parlog, Denys Makogon, David Delabassee, Sharat Chander)