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Sharat Chander

Java User Group leaders,

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the Java Advocacy Team at Oracle...Jim Grisanzio.

Many of you may remember Jim who helped lead the OpenSolaris community program at Sun. Since joining Oracle, Jim has been an important part of many developer-related projects. We're now lucky enough to have Jim join the Java Team.

A quick background on Jim for those who may not know him:
  • In recent years while in Oracle Developer Marketing & Developer Relations, Jim managed multiple social platforms and the Oracle Developers YouTube channel. He also edited the Database Application Developer Newsletter, hosted the Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast, and produced videos profiling developers at community events.
  • Before Oracle marketing, Jim worked in Solaris engineering managing FOSS projects, and he was the OpenSolaris community manager at Sun Microsystems until the acquisition by Oracle.
  • Earlier on at Sun, Jim was involved with competitive marketing and publicity campaigns for all of Sun’s Open Source and Open Standards projects. He’s managed Linux and OpenSolaris user groups, presented at universities and conferences, briefed press and analysts, and run engineering hack-a-thons and developer events.
  • Jim’s background is in technical writing and publications. He’s written magazine articles and press releases, edited newsletters, and collaborated with engineers, scientists, physicians, and veterinarians in industry and academia. He’s also worked with the global news media while running tech and biomedical publicity programs for multiple companies and universities.
  • Finally, Jim’s foundational experience in managing projects came from running his own construction company where he first learned the art, science, and craft of hands-on development.
  • Jim's loves include photography, biohacking, and traveling to places to discover interesting people solving difficult problems and contributing to Open Source communities.
  • He’s based in Japan, but you can easily find him on Twitter at @jimgris or via your favorite search engine.
Feel free to welcome Jim by leaving a comment on Twitter:

Our best,
Java Advocacy Team
(Billy Korando, Chad Arimura, David Delabassée, Denys Makogon, Jim Grisanzio, José Paumard, Nicolai Parlog, Sharat Chander)