[NYJavaSIG] Project Loom - Scalable, Harmonious Concurrency for Java - WED NOV 11

Frank Greco

In case anyone is interested.



Thread Pools are dead.

Project Loom is one of the biggest additions in a decade coming to the Java language.  Ron Pressler, the Technical Lead for OpenJDK Project Loom will go into the details on why this new form of user-space concurrency is both machine-friendly and easy for developers to use and understand.


 WHAT: Project Loom: Scalable, Harmonious Concurrency for the Java Platform

 WHEN: Wed Nov 11, 2020   6:30pm-8:30pm EST

WHERE: Youtube Live (REGISTER)

To get more out of this meeting, please review Ron’s 30 min video on Project Loom and come with your specific Loom questions.

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