Please share - is on THURSDAY this week!!!

Vincent Mayers

JUG leaders. Please share this with your communities. This FREE online Java conference is tomorrow

Visit to see the full agenda for the day as well as all session descriptions and speaker bios. It's free so no need for FOMO. The conference runs from 9:00 PM CST to 5:00 PM CST (3:00 PM UDT - 11:00 PM UDT

Speakers and sessions
  • Ana Maria Mihalceanu - Cloud-Native resiliency patterns from the ground up
  • Ben Scott - Instilling a Culture of Craftsmanship
  • Billy Korando - To Java 17 and Beyond!
  • Christopher M. Judd - Enterprise Observability with Trace Context & OpenTelemetry
  • Denis Rosa - Spring Data on NoSQL: Easy as Always, More Powerful Than Ever
  • Edson Yanaga - Kubernetes That Sparks Joy With Quarkus
  • Edwin Derks - Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Highlights
  • Erin Schnabel - Take a Walk on the Client Side
  • Gautam Singh - Ditch the ceremony and solve real problems using Lambda and Streams
  • Jennifer Reif - Cypher Sleuthing: Tips and Tricks for Querying a Graph Database
  • Jeremy Meiss - What a global pandemic can tell you about better DevOps practices
  • Josh Cummings - Spring Security 5.6 from Taxi to Take-off
  • Josh Long - Reactive Spring
  • Kito Mann - GraphQL for Java Developers
  • Mark Heckler - Brewing the Best of All Worlds
  • Mark Stoodley - Dancing in the clouds with Java
  • Markus Kett - Creating ultra-fast Apps and Microservices with pure Java
  • Nicolas Fränkel - Adding search to your legacy application without the hassle
  • Paul Parkinson - Design Data-Driven Polyglot Microservices, The Easy Way
  • Ricardo Ferreira - Building Connectors for Apache Kafka with Java
  • Rob Hedgpeth - Get Reactive with Relational Databases and R2DBC
  • Sal Kimmich - Intellectual Property on the Open Web
  • Simon Ritter - AOT or JIT: Faster Startup or Faster Code?
  • Vik Gamov - Proxies, Gateways, and Meshes
  • William Lieurance - Debugging Java apps in Kubernetes