: Re: [jc] [NOTES] JavaOne Update Call | July 12 @ 7:00am PT

Chad Arimura

Hi Nikhil,

Thanks for the questions. Let me answer them one by one.

Re: session recordings, this is actively being discussed and I don’t have an answer yet. We know the importance of recorded content especially with the growth of the Java YouTube channel and the macro trends accelerated over the last few years of learning online. If we record it’ll all be available online for free, but it’s still unclear what percentage of content will be recorded.

Re: live streams, no, at this time there is no plan to stream any JavaOne content. This was a decision by the broader CloudWorld planning teams and applies to us as well.

Re: passes, all speakers, whether sessions, panels, labs, etc., will receive passes. We should have enough availability to get most Java Champions and JUG Leaders who are interested in contributing (by way of speaking) a pass to the conference. For those just wanting to attend, we do not have the capability for discount codes.

Re: Swag, there’s a pretty cool CloudWorld hoodie, and we’re working on including JavaOne-specific stuff as well. We will definitely have something for all JC’s and JUG leaders who participate in the Java Leader activities on Monday. It might be hard to top the hoodies from the summit at DevNexus in Atlanta, but we’ll try our best.

Hopefully this all helps!


Chad Arimura
Java Developer Relations
Oracle Corporation
+1-415-935-3448 [m]

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On Jul 12, 2022, at 12:50 PM, Nikhil Nanivadekar <nikhilnanivadekar@...> wrote:

Hi Sharat and team,

Thanks for the update. Sorry I missed attending the session and the notes are super helpful. I had a few follow up questions (sorry in advance if they were already covered)

1) Will the JavaOne sessions be recorded?

2) If the sessions are recorded will the recordings be available on YouTube for free viewing?

3) Will the JavaOne sessions be live-streamed?

4) I see that the conference passes will not be complimentary. Will there be any discount codes for JCs?

5) Will be get some JavaOne and Java Champions specific swag?


On Tue, Jul 12, 2022 at 11:15 AM Sharat Chander <sharat.chander@...> wrote:
Java Champion & JUG Organizers,

Thank you to those who were able to attend today's kick-off JavaOne update call. Whether you attended or not, below are notes based on what both Chad and I covered during the discussion. Our aim is to hold additional calls with some sense of regularity (followed on by meeting notes) to ensure you're kept up-to-date on the many dimensions of JavaOne planning. Look for more invitations in the near future.

We'd ask that you not circulate these updates as we're working on sharing elements on the JavaOne web site and other public communication channels. For JUG organizers, we realize your mailing list is public (perhaps there's a mechanism to make it private exclusively for JUG leaders reading only - a discussion for another day).

Should you have any questions you can either respond to this e-mail or you're also welcome to directly reach out to both Chad (cc'd) and me.

-Sharat (and Chad and Team)

JavaOne Conference Dates
• October 17-20, 2022
• October 17 (Java Leaders Summit & Reception)
• October 18-20 (execution of main conference content)

JavaOne Event Web Site

Attendee Registration
• $1799.00 (US) - Available until July 24
• $1899.00 (US) - Available July 25 - October 2, 2022
• $1999.00 (US) - Available October 3 - 20, 2022

Hotel Options/Rates

JavaOne Content Catalog (new content will be included as material is finalized)

Attendance Justification (to share w/your decision makers to help with participation approvals)

General FAQ

JavaOne Key Experiences
• Large dedicated JavaOne and developer space at Caesar’s Forum
• 165 content slots and three dedicated JavaOne keynotes
• Direct access to speakers/subject matter experts at a “genius bar” style area and Java demo stations
• Table tennis and Foosball tournaments with branded tabletops
• Large developer space to relax and have fun
• All access to CloudWorld @ The Venetian (including the attendee party)

JavaOne Community Elements
• Java Leaders Summit (TBD) - For JCs & JUG Leaders
• Java Leaders Reception (TBD) - For JCs & JUG Leaders
• Community Wall featuring large JUG map, JCs, and social stream (TBD)
• JavaOne Run/Bike Ride (TBD)
• Duke suit (TBD)
• Duke’s Choice Awards (TBD)
• Hackergarten (Confirmed)

JavaOne Content/Speaker Limits (subject to change)
• 165 total content slots across all content types (so far)
• 107 learning sessions w/ some as panels (2 speaker limit/5-speaker limit for panel sessions)
• 20 Hands-On Labs (2 speaker limit)
• 10 Tutorials (3 speaker limit)
• 25 Lightning talks (2 speaker limit)
• 3 Keynotes
• Birds-of-a-feather room - allocation TBD (2 speaker limit)
• Java Unconference (no limit)

JavaOne Tracks
• Core Java Platform
• Java and Cloud Development
• Java and Database
• Java Card
• Java Community
• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
• Development Tools and DevOps
• Open Source
• Security and Manageability

Java Champion (JC) & JUG Organizer Passes
• Any JC or JUG organizer selected to speak will receive a conference pass

Java Leaders Call-for-Papers for Java Champions and JUG Organizers
• On a separate e-mail to the JC and JUG Leaders mailing list, we'll offer color on how to participate in a modified CfP for you

JavaOne Community Content (selections thus far - these are either already in the public JavaOne content catalog or will appear shortly)

Content Type
Bruno Souza
Learning Session
Beyond Senior Java Dev: The Next Steps for the Technical Career
Java Community
Jennifer Reif
Learning Session
Divide and Conquer: Send Forth the Microservices
Java and Cloud Development
Matt Raible
Learning Session
Micro Frontends for Java Developers
Java and Cloud Development
Scott Selikoff
Learning Session
Make My Program Go Faster! Tips and Tricks for Processing Large Jobs in Java
Java Community
Andrzej Grzesik
Learning Session
Developing Long-Lasting Java Microservices
Java and Cloud Development
Venkat Subramaniam
Learning Session
Functional Programming Idioms in Java
Core Java Platform
Justin Lee
Learning Session
Generate Some Code for Great Good
Development Tools and DevOps
Paul Anderson
Gail Anderson
Learning Session
Say the Words: Modern Java with JavaFX for Rich Client UIs
Core Java Platform
Jeanne Boyarsky
Learning Session
Twelve Tips for Writing More Readable Java Code
Development Tools and DevOps
Robert Scholte
Learning Session
Improving Your Build Without Touching Your Buildfile
Development Tools and DevOps
Henri Tremblay
Learning Session
Beyond Java 8: The Cool Stuff
Core Java Platform
Josh Long
Learning Session
Kubernetes Native Java
Java and Cloud Development
Mark Heckler
Learning Session
Das Boot: Diving into Debugging Spring Boot Applications
Java and Cloud Development
Brian Vermeer
Learning Session
Deserialization Exploits in Java: Why Should I Care?
Security and Manageability

Rough Agenda (subject to change)

JavaOne Exhibition Area
• In the Caesars Forum expo hall, JavaOne will be co-located with the MySQL Summit Exhibition Area and the Oracle Developer Exhibition Area with all 3 events having their own unique branding and focus
• Attendees will be able to easily flow between all 3 developer-focused experiences
• And, should attendees choose, they can also use a skybridge to walk over to the Venetian Hotel to participate in Oracle CloudWorld
• The provided image offers a blueprint view of the Caesars Forum with each unique developer-focused experience (JavaOne, MySQL, and Oracle Developer). Note that the intent is to create a shared-lounge space in the same venue w/relaxation and fun elements. This is a preliminary diagram...as the show floor is finalized, a new image will be offered. Note that "Turnkey" in the JavaOne area is for 3rd party companies who want to exhibit/sponsor at JavaOne.

JavaOne Communications
• We will be publishing a JavaOne update blog this week, which we'll share a link to on these e-mail lists for you to circulate.
• We'll follow on with additional JavaOne blogs with further updates over the coming weeks.
• You can also expect JavaOne updates from the Official Java Twitter Account (@Java), as well as ongoing personal messages by Oracle's Java Developer Relations Team should you follow any of us - if you don't we'd welcome following all of us! (@BillyKorando | @chadarimura | @delabassee | @denis_makogon | @mono_quito89 | @jimgris | @JosePaumard | @nipafx | @Sharat_Chander)