[Reminder] Online Event: Oracle Developer Live - Java Innovations

Sharat Chander

JUG Leaders (especially those in Asia Pacific):

Reminder that the final instance of "Oracle Developer Live - Java Innovations" for the Asia Pacific region is on March 30th.

Still time to register - would welcome sharing this with your JUG members: social.ora.cl/6011HeItx


On 2/8/21 8:46 AM, Sharat Chander wrote:

Greetings Java User Group Leaders!

Oracle continues to move forward with it's virtual developer event series..."Oracle Developer Live."

The next Java-focused event ("Oracle Developer Live - Java Innovations") is taking place on:
  • March 23, 2021 | Americas region
  • March 25, 2021 | Europe, Middle East, Africa region
  • March 30, 2021 | Asia Pacific region

I'd welcome your help sharing the registration link with your JUG members or by re-tweeting:

You can also get event updates on social:
Speakers include: Trisha Gee, Johan Vos, Dmitry Aleksandrov, Graeme Rocher, Mark Reinhold, Brian Goetz, Chad Arimura, Julia Boes, Sandhya Viswanathan, Chris Hegarty, Eric Duveblad, Poonam Parhar, Robin Westberg, Jesper Wilhelmsson, Ron Pressler, Paul Sandoz, Gavin Bierman, Alina Yurenko, David Delabasse, Aleks Seovic, Mikael Vidstedt, Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro, and Monica Riccelli.

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