Short video request for NYJavaSIG 25th Anniversary

Frank Greco

As most of you know, the NYJavaSIG was the very first Java User Group created back in Sept 1995 on the day Java was formally announced in midtown NY (we had 4 members signed up after my talk that day).   To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we’re having a special meeting on Sept 23 with a panel of 4 of the biggest names in Java (look for an imminent Eventbrite invite).

But first, we’re putting together a fun video with members from the Java community saying hello and happy anniversary.  We will post it to our website ( in a few weeks.  Thank you so much to the Java Champions and Java Community folks who already sent some very great videos!

We would be honored if other Java Champions and JUG Leaders would send a 10-15 second video clip.  As Jeanne Boyarsky posted recently...  Nothing fancy. Something like “Hi. I’m <name> from <jug/city/country>. Happy 25th-anniversary NYJavaSIG !”.

If you can, please email a downloadable link or video attachment to nyjeanne@... or bburd@... over the next 2 weeks.


Thanks… and look for the Eventbrite invitation for this special meeting where you can ask.some very, very special Java celebrities your burning Java questions.


Here’s an NYJavaSIG trivia question:  


Which of the following has never spoken at an NYJavaSIG Meeting:

  1. Guy Steele

  2. James Gosling

  3. Arthur van Hoff

  4. Penn and Teller

  5. Jim Waldo