[TIME SENSITIVE] JavaOne CfP | For Java Leaders (Java Champions & JUG Organizers)

Sharat Chander

Java Champions and JUG Organizers:

As mentioned on the initial JavaOne update call (held on the morning of 12-July), we are executing a modified CfP exclusively for you as Java Leaders. Below are details for you to fill out so we can make an accelerated acceptance or decline decision on a rolling basis. When submitting your proposal(s), please SEND A NEW MESSAGE ONLY TO Chad Arimura (chad.arimura@...) and me (sharat.chander@...) with the SUBJECT LINE "2022 JavaOne Submission". PLEASE DO DO NOT REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL as it will post to the respective Java Champion and/or JUG Leaders mailing lists you're subscribed to.

We’ll process all of the requests to determine either acceptance or decline, and move towards filling all the slots BY JULY 22nd.

Please ensure you FILL IN EACH OF THE SIX FIELDS ACCURATELY and ADHERE TO THE CHARACTER LIMITS INCLUDING SPACES. If you are making multiple submissions then please copy/paste the required fields as part of one e-mail and fill in details for each submission you make.

Summary of content types:

Content Type | Estimated Remaining Slots | Time Allocation | Speaker Limitation
1. Learning Session | 14 remaining slots | 30 minutes or 45 minutes | 2 speakers maximum
2. Panel Session | 3 remaining slots | 45 minutes | 5 speakers maximum
3. Hands-On Lab | 18 remaining slots | 90 minutes | 2 speakers/instructors maximum
4. Tutorial | 8 remaining slots | 120 minutes | 3 speakers maximum
5. Lightning Talk | 25 remaining slots | 15 minutes | 2 speakers maximum
6. Birds of a Feather | To be determined | 45 minutes | 2 speakers maximum
7. Java Unconference | To be determined | 15 minutes | no limit


1. Enter and "x" next to one of the content types for your submission.
__ Learning Session (30 minutes)
__ Learning Session (45 minutes)
__ Hands-On Labs
__ Tutorial
__ Lightning Talk
__ Birds of a Feather
__ Java Unconference

2. Provide each speaker's full name not to exceed the speaker limitation identified above

3. Provide each speaker's e-mail address

4. Provide your content title (not to exceed 80 characters including spaces)

5. Provide your content abstract (not to exceed 750 characters including spaces)

6. Select ONE of the technical tracks  to associate with your session
__ Core Java Platform
__ Java and Cloud Development
__ Java and Database
__ Java Card
__ Java Community
__ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
__ Development Tools and DevOps
__ Open Source
__ Security and Manageability